What We Offer

Exclusive Strains

PHENIX offers a collection of strains that have been selectively created by our cultivation specialist.

Fresh Selection

Exclusive products come in wax sealed glass bottles with resealable cork lids to ensure the highest quality.

Variety & Affordablity

PHENIX offers top shelf product as well as discounted flowers, popcorn buds and sugar trim. Learn more about our promotional offers.

Free Overnight Shipping For Northern California

PHENIX ships to California patients only. Southern California members have a choice of free 2-day shipping or a low price of $15 for next day delivery.
Orders Placed Saturday-Thursday: requires a minimum order of $85 after tax & after all discounts are applied.
Saturday delivery requires a minimum order of $150 after all discounts are applied. Learn more.

PHENIX offers Pre-Rolls, Vape-Cartridges, Concentrate-Syringes, and Sugar Concentrate. The concentrates we carry are unlike any other in the industry. A PhD chemist developed a process that results in extracts that are truly representative of the starting strain. We use the purest, safest methods of extractions. Learn more.


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PHENIX is closing its door. We want to thank all of our members for their love and support along our journey. Email soon to follow with more information on our future endeavors. No orders will be processed at this time. Blessings to you all. Dismiss