W E L C O M E to J A H L I B Y R D


These new products are just the beginning of a beautiful evolution in our branding. Because of changing regulations in the cannabis industry, we will be transitioning from P H E N I X to J A H L I B Y R D. But don’t worry! The quality of the products is only getting better, and P H E N I X will continue to provide you with overnight delivery and farm to bong pricing as long as possible on our website!

The J A H L I B Y R D collection will soon be released to dispensaries near you! Eventually, the P H E N I X brand name will continue as bulk product, while J A H L I B Y R D will be our Top Shelf Collection. Both will be available on phenixcannabis.com until new regulations on packaging and shipping become active. From then on, J A H L I B Y R D will be in dispensaries only as a fully compliant, top shelf line of products.