Ancient Ways Hashish PHENIX BLACK 1g $30.00



“Ancient Ways Hashish:

Utilizing techniques handed down through the ages, from the first days of the Hashashin, we take our Full Spectrum Bubble Hash a step further, creating a beautiful work of art akin to the Charas and Temple Balls of the oldest hash making countries on earth. Like the legendary Tamahagane steel of Japan, our expert hash makers heat, fold, and press the ripest trichome heads into a gorgeous, sticky crumble, full of rich flavor and smell. It is then cured and aged to perfection. The result being a full mind, body, and spirit experience with no plateau.”

Uses: Smoke in a traditional hash pipe or chillum, sprinkle in joint/splift/blunt, on a bowl, or using a screen in your favorite smoking device.

The BLACK is one of PHENIX’s Exclusive Strains. It is an Indica-dominant strain with high limonene terpenes. This beautiful flower displays deep violets, speckled with white crystals and neon hairs. Users experience a relaxed, warm, body-high. Flavors of the smoke have been noted as earthy, floral, and spicy with a dash of mint. Savor the sweet aftertaste of plums, blueberry, and blackberry .

Genetics: (Purple Dragon x Green Thai) x Skunk #1

Spectrum: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Pallet: Earthy, Floral, Spice, Plum, Berry, Mint

Experience: Relaxed, Happy, Mellow, Chill

Use: Day and Night


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