PHENIX 60/40 Pre-Rolls 30% Off Retail Price of $55.00
December 18, 2017
concentrate syringe
PHENIX 60/40 Concentrate Syringe 30% OFF Retail Price of $65
December 18, 2017

PHENIX BLACK Pre-Rolls 30% Off Retail Price of $55.00


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3.5g, pre-rolled
Sit back, relax, and enjoy a prime PHENIX pre-roll. Perfect for those occasions when you don’t have the time, or simply don’t feel like rolling! This HANDCRAFTED strain, ELEVATES moods and is sold EXCLUSIVELY by PHENIX. With high limonene terpenes, this strain LOWERS ANXIETY and relieves patients from stress & depression. This indica-dominant strain displays DEEP VIOLETS, speckled with white CRYSTALS and NEON GREEN hairs. Patients will feel a relaxed, WARM, body-high. In addition to naturally occurring ANTI-FUNGAL and GASTRO-PROTECTIVE properties, the terpenes provide relief from heartburn. Flavors of the smoke have been noted as EARTHY, floral, and spicy with a dash of mint. Savor the SWEET aftertaste of PLUMS, blueberry, and BLACKBERRY.

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